Meet Jamie Hamburg

Currently living in California, a graduate from Berklee College of Music (the number one contemporary music college in the US), he graduated with high honors in only three years, making his father (and his father’s accountant) very happy. Jamie has been making music with various instruments (guitar, keyboard, bass, saxophone, drums, and more), since he could walk. He played guitar in the Arlington High School band (Arlington Jazz Machine), and was selected to represent the school in the all-state jazz band. He has produced two EP’s and is focusing on his engineering and producing passions, while backing up his girlfriend, Emma Charles, on her national tour. He plays lead guitar and performs vocals for OrCoustic and the OrCA Blues Band when he is visiting home. He has produced two EP’s, the first, "Sleep the Day Off", now streaming on iTunes, and his most recent, “Loud Thoughts”.


(A bit from Jamie himself)

My goal as an artist...

is to create music that evokes visceral and emotional responses from my audience as well as connects me to people i have not yet met, using only my sound. Music has long been my first and foremost form of expression, and for that reason i have chosen to pursue it as my career.

I first picked up a guitar when I was 10 as another instrument to satisfy my curiosity of music and expression. What I found following that moment was probably what brought me to the point I’m at today. Music speaks to most people in ways that words can’t, and as one of the many who sometimes was not the most wiling to speak up, playing guitar provided me with my own voice, a voice that i was much more inclined to share. Early on, my influences were classic rock legends, such as The Rolling Stones and The Eagles, as well as the Southern Rock music that my Dad shared with me from a very early age, namely the Allman Brothers and The Marshall Tucker Band. Later on, I developed more of my own taste in music, and it has continued to shape my writing and playing style, with my main influences being the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, and The John Butler Trio.

Music is everywhere in our lives, and I want to do my part by using music to add more beauty to the world wherever I can, and touch peoples lives in positive ways by sharing my inspiration and passion with them.

Jamie Hamburg

You can find me at: jamiehamburg.comFacebookSoundCloudInstagram,  YouTube, and Twitter